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Authorised 4oceans Installer

Authorised 4oceans InstallerAuthorised 4oceans Installer

As an Authorised 4oceans Installer you will be allocated a unique territory within which you will have first refusal on all new installations of 4oceans’ services.  Each installation you perform will attract a standard one-off fee from 4oceans as well as a small annual maintenance fee .   The size of the territory will be dependent upon your company size, capabilities and number of trained installation engineers you commit to the Authorised Installer programme.

In addition you will also be given first refusal to act on any service calls we receive for the installed base within your territory which can generate significant additional revenue.

To qualify as an Authorised 4oceans Installer you will need to have at least one fully qualified engineer.  This engineer will need to attend an induction training course.   The training course is chargeable but it includes a license to the specialist software required to install and set up the 4oceans broadband service.   In the event that you have not recovered the initial cost of the training in installation fees within the first 6 months of accreditation or we will refund the difference to you.

We also do not require you to hold any stock but you may want to hold some spares for service calls which we will supply at wholesale rates.

If you want to become an Authorised 4oceans Installer fill in the brief form below and we will get in contact with you asap.

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