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About Us4Oceans Satellite is South Africa’s alternative network.

Bypassing overland infrastructure such as copper cabling and wireless masts, creates a totally different cost profile to traditional networks and by focussing on the applications and services where traditional infrastructure is just too expensive, we ensure that our services are the most cost effective – by design.

Sometimes this alternative approach will be the best solution for all your communication needs but often it will complement other fixed and mobile services to deliver a complete integrated solution.

When the Hylas 2 satellite launched just 36 months ago TeraBytes of internet capacity became immediately available to be beamed direct to all South African homes and businesses where a satellite dish can be fixed. The introduction of Ka Band satellite means that as a satellite network provider, we can transit around 10 times as much data across our satellites as we could less than 5 years ago, for a quarter of the cost. And because 4Oceans don’t have the costs of laying cables and building mobile masts there are three key scenarios where we outperform traditional networks.

  1. Your location is sparsely populated and infrastructure costs are prohibitive
  2. You have many locations with relatively low data usage making line rental a significant cost
  3. Your requirements are short term or temporary – eg disaster recovery or event based

4Oceans thrives by focussing on these alternative applications. So think of us as another string to your bow – an alternative option that could well prove to be more effective than traditional network solutions.

Check out our Products and Applications to find out more and if you have an alternative telecoms issue that you’re having problems getting to grips with – then simply Challenge 4Oceans to come up with an totally bespoke alternative.

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