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What is KA Band Satellite?

What is KA Band Satellite?Most satellite broadband solutions work on Ku band communications, but ours operate on Ka band. Why?

Ku band has been around for around 40 years, and has been mainly used by broadcasters and Governments because of the high costs involved.

It was a great option for these users because it was pretty reliable, would work literally anywhere and there was a fairly limitless supply of bandwidth in the sky across most countries and oceans. The problem was that for most users the whole thing was very expensive and actually not very fast by today’s standards.

Like most important technology satellite broadband progressed rapidly, and the boffins came up with a way of using a different set of frequencies for satellite communications; those running in the Ka band spectrum. The cool thing about Ka band is that it enables the satellite operators to transmit around ten times as much data over the same satellite capacity as Ku band. The equipment used could be much smaller and cheaper, and was much easier to set up.

This meant for the first time satellite broadband could be made available at a manageable price for even home and small business users.

That’s why 4oceans can now offer any home or business the ability to connect to the internet via satellite broadband wherever they are, at a price they can afford.

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