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Branch Office Networks

Branch Office NetworksBranch Office Networks

Many distributed Branch Office Networks tend to have locations that are at the very limit of or even totally out of reach of normal terrestrial networks. 4Oceans offers a variety of contended and uncontended services that can delivered as a total satellite network solution or as a complement to other fixed network connections to address unconnected or poorly connected offices.

What’s more, because we don’t have infrastructure costs to support, it is possible to assign capacity limits across all your satellite connected offices realising economies of scale that might well encourage you to consider extending your satellite network further still.

Delivering complex multi node networks requires consideration of the complete network, not just those within the control of one provider or one network type. With its roots in delivering consultative network solutions, 4Oceans will always be an active and collaborative partner seeking to work with other client suppliers to ensure fully integrated networks whether 4Oceans act as a prime or subsidiary network provider.

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