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Our Disaster Recovery Services provide a comprehensive solution to support your Business Continuity plans. In today’s computer-centric world the economic and customers impacts resulting from the loss of network connectivity can be substantial. 4oceans now has a range of satellite broadband solutions dedicated to giving you an independent back-up solution.

As communications with the outside world are critical, we have developed sophisticated recovery options utilizing dedicated satellite bandwidth. Your organisation can have phone, data or Internet service operational no matter what the situation – even if the local infrastructure has been destroyed.

If your core network is delivered over fixed connections or mobile networks, then 4Oceans Satellite Business Continuity options offer complete service separation from your existing network infrastructure. This means that whichever 4Oceans solution we deliver it will be absolutely independent from your fixed network in order to absolutely minimise your Business Continuity risks.

Because Satellite Services are absolutely separated from your fixed infrastructure 4Oceans Satellite provides a straight-forward, convenient and cost effective option, delivering exceedingly robust and cost effective business continuity services for both failover, back-up and disaster recovery scenarios.

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