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You are getting a raw broadband deal: Net Index

You are getting a raw broadband deal: Net IndexThe latest Ookla Net Index household value index shows that South Africans pay more for their broadband services and are offered less value for money than most of their international counterparts.

The Ookla Net Index “household value index” uses recent surveys from to compare consumer broadband value around the world.

The survey ranked South Africa at number 58 out of 64 countries for the relative cost of broadband (i.e. the mean broadband subscription cost divided by the Gross Domestic Product per Capita).

According to the index, South Africans currently pay 12% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita for a broadband connection.

Broadband price – Cost per Mbps

When it came to the cost per Mbps for a broadband connection, South Africa dropped to 63rd out of 64 countries surveyed.

According to the Net Index survey, South Africans pay on average $35.84 (R361) per Mbps, much higher than the global average of $8.35 (R84).

via You are getting a raw broadband deal: Net Index.

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