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You are not getting the speeds you are promised

You are not getting the speeds you are promisedA recent report shows that South Africans only get 78.8% of the broadband speed they are promised. This is significantly lower than the global average of 86.75%.

The Household Promise Index compares and ranks the median ratio of actual download speed to the download speed subscribed to (hence the “promised speed”).

This ranking is based on speed test results from and information gathered from subscribers in an accompanying survey.

According to the latest Net Index statistics, South Africans get only 78.8% of their promised broadband speed. The country is ranked at number 51 out of 64 surveyed nations.

Consumers in the top broadband promise nations – Hungary (100.97%), Belarus (99.43% and Taiwan (99.26%) – typically get the broadband speeds they pay for.

The worst countries in this index were Greece (44.24%), France (60.81%), and Australia (63.87%).

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