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Is Telkom is cheating us out of money?

Is Telkom is cheating us out of money?Many Telkom customers are complaining that their support tickets are closed without their faults being resolved.

Some users are now highlighting that their Telkom refunds are negatively affected by this.   According to one user he was told by Telkom that the downtime refunds are calculated based on his last support ticket. This means that the incorrect ticket closures are saving Telkom money.

“When I requested a refund, I was told I could only be refunded on the last fault that was closed, not on the 3 before that were closed without my line actually being fixed. So by closing faults for no reason, they are saving themselves some cash as well,” the user said.

Telkom confirmed that it was “aware of sporadic complaints from customers that trouble tickets are being closed without the problems having been fixed”.

However, Telkom refused to answer questions about refunds for services which do not work, and how its support ticket system fits into this.

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